Plan for Reicher Tomorrow

Plan for Reicher Tomorrow

Leave a Legacy at Reicher, one that will ensure the resources necessary to sustain Catholic Education in the greater Waco area.  Deferred or planned gifts secure the future sustainability and strength of Reicher in two ways. They allow the school to plan for and overcome future obstacles, as well as to take advantage of opportunities that will arise. With proper planning you can make certain that your desire to support Catholic education is met, while strategically meeting your financial goals and providing for your loved ones.

How to Plan

  • Explore the following planned giving options with the Reicher Development Director, David Hurtado or with your financial planner or attorney:
  • Will or Trust – include a gift to Reicher in your will or trust
  • Life Insurance – name Reicher the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy or transfer the policy naming Reicher as the owner.
  • Retirement Plan –If you are 70½ years and older, you may transfer up to $100,000 free of tax directly from your IRA to Reicher through Dec. 31.

Remember you can give any of the following gifts to Reicher Tomorrow

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Property
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement Assets

Opportunities to plan for Reicher TOMORROW

Kearns-Reicher Charitable Trust is the financial foundation of Reicher Catholic High School.  In 2000 the John J. Kearns Memorial Charitable Trust joined the Reicher Catholic High School Endowment Fund to form the Kearns-Reicher Charitable Trust. Currently at over $1.2 million, this permanent source of investment income affords Reicher the fiscal power to meet new strategic goals while remaining faithful to its mission.

Waco Foundation for Catholic Education is a private foundation established in 2010 to assist the funding of Catholic education in the McLennan County area.  It functions independently of any school, parish or diocese in order to isolate it from any unrelated outside liabilities or influence. Donations may be designated for Reicher.

Give Every Year.  Impact Every Day.

In order to navigate challenges TODAY, Reicher needs support from all families, friends, alumni, faculty and staff. The Reicher Annual Appeal allows for today’s innovative programs, urgent priorities such as financial assistance, and unforeseen obstacles and opportunities that will arise throughout the year. Supporting the Reicher Annual Appeal has an immediate impact on the quality of education Reicher is able to provide.

What is the GAP?
Bridging the GAP at Reicher means covering the distance between tuition paid per student and the actual cost to educate each student TODAY. Reicher charges a tuition that is significantly below the actual cost in order to keep excellent Catholic education accessible to more families in Central Texas.  Help Bridge the GAP by becoming a Reicher 100/250/500 Member or a Bridge Builder.

Who is affected by the GAP?
EVERY Reicher student!

Bridge the GAP become a Reicher 100/250/500 Member or a Bridge Builder!

Why become a Reicher 100/250/500 Member or a Bridge Builder?

  • To keep Catholic education affordable and available to more families in Central Texas
  • To strengthen Reicher’s college preparatory programs and classes
  • To fund enhanced learning technology
  • To retain and attract exceptionally talented faculty
  • To join with the RCHS faculty, staff, and advisory board members who have already contributed

What to Give Today

Any of the following can be given to Reicher Catholic High School:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Retirement Plan Assets
  • Life Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Natural Resources
  • Artwork and Collectibles
  • Reicher Wish List Item

Contact Reicher’s Director of Development, David Hurtado, for more information, on Reicher’s annual appeal and planned giving.