With your convenience in mind, as well as, securing your student’s spot, re-enrollment will look much simpler this year.


As we know, enrollment information is used to make important decisions regarding your students. These decisions include everything from classroom resources, desks, facilities and even faculty and staff. All these decisions are contemplated with the most effective and efficient educational opportunities for your students being foremost.


The re-enrollment process begins in January and can be tedious because of the amount of paperwork or long online forms that must be filled out every year. We want to simplify this procedure as much as possible for you. Providing the school in a timely manner with the most accurate numbers for the upcoming school year will allow us to create the best and most effective learning atmosphere for you and your student.


Simply fill out the re-enrollment form provided below and return to the office by March 2, 2018. For your convenience, the registration fee will be drafted through your FACTS account on March 24, 2018. Special payment arrangements may be made by contacting the school office by March 2, 2018.


We are always working together in prayer to create the most efficient and effective manner to deliver the best education and service we are able to provide for you and your student.


*Enrollment form submitted on or before March 2, 2018 | $200.00
*Enrollment form submitted after March 2, 2018  | $450.00


Required Forms:

Please print out and complete the following forms for re-enrollment:

Re-enrollment Form